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FGW Bank Holidays referendum

17 November 2011

Referendum on Bank Holiday working terms

Due to the many concerns raised by TSSA members around the additional bank holiday in April 2011 your TSSA representatives on the Management Divisional Council have been pursuing improvements to Management grade terms and conditions. As a result First Great Western are now offering to improve terms and conditions, the details of the offer are as follows:

  • “Management Grade (MS) colleagues that have a rostered turn of duty commencing on 25th or 26th December, and are required to work will be paid at the rate of triple time (T+2) or if requested double time (T+T) plus a day in lieu.
  • Payment is calculated on basic salary rate of pay only and excludes any allowances.
  • On Call Managers that are called out and required to attend the workplace shall be paid under the same arrangements outlined above.
  • These arrangements only apply on 25th & 26th December, they do not apply to designated substitute Bank Holidays
  • These arrangements do not apply to Executive Grades (EG) or Directors

I confirm that apart from giving further consideration to the payment rate being inclusive of Flexibility Allowance, this is the Companies final offer on this matter.

Should these arrangements be accepted they will become part of current Management Grade (MS) terms & conditions for future reference.” Therefore TSSA is asking you to clarify some details and then vote on whether to accept the offer:

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