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FGW: Become a Learning Rep

1 May 2012

  • Are you interested in personal development and learning new skills?
  • Do you think that there could be more opportunity for staff learning and development in First Great Western?
  • Do you want to champion learning and training for yourself and your colleagues?

If you answer yes to any of the above then you may be interested in becoming a TSSA Union Learning Representative.

We are looking for volunteers to be part of a team of reps helping to promote learning and development for staff across First Great Western. You will be working alongside experienced learning reps.

TSSA has a learning agreement in place at First Great Western and we have already supported many staff in various learning initiatives. Later this year we will co-ordinating a Lifelong Learning roadshow with regional events centred around a learning bus. The agenda will include discussions around Skills For Life, In House Development, Further Education and the Role of the ULR.

If you become a learning rep we will provide you with accredited training to ensure that you have the right knowledge and skills to fulfil the role. You will also be legally entitled to paid release time to carry out your duties and training.

If you are interested in becoming a TSSA learning rep please contact us for more information:

Natalie Feeley, TSSA Regional Organiser

Email: click here

Tel: 07841995810

For management members please remember that the closing date for nominations for Management rep positions is Friday 4 May 2012, if interested please see the circular from 31 March on our website: click here

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