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FGW: Covering Colleagues Duties - Survey

18 August 2015

Following our last communication to members we’ve produced a short, anonymised Health and safety survey in order to capture your experiences when you have been expected to carry out the duties of your colleagues.


The rational for sending this out is that we are concerned that some of our members may have been coerced or bullied to carry out duties that don’t form part of their normal day to day duties.

We hope that you can spend a little time completing the survey to assist us in gathering data which will help us protect all staff and potentially prevent a scenario that sees a health and safety incident occurring due to Managers being pushed to carry out roles which they haven’t in truth volunteered to carry out and in reality may not be truly competent to carry out, through no fault of their own.

We understand that you may have concerns about raising these issues with your line manager or through the normal structures and whilst we would encourage you to report any incidents of bullying or coercion we also understand the fear that some individuals may have, which is why we are not requiring you to provide individual details. If you choose to provide this information then we will not be sharing your individual details with the company or any external safety body but may use this to contact you if we need further detailed information.

Dependant on the responses that you provide we will then be in a position to collate our findings in advance of the next Joint Safety meeting so we would appreciate it if you can respond no later than Noon on Friday 4 September via the following link:

We would remind our Management members in advance of further planned strike action that the communications from Mark Hopwood himself have clarified that it should only be volunteers who cover colleague’s duties and we have received further assurances that instances of bullying or coercion to carry out additional duties will be thoroughly investigated by FGW. Where there is any deviation from this then please contact your rep or Alan Valentine by clicking here

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