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FGW: Management Divisional Council

30 March 2012

TSSA successfully secured collective bargaining rights for all FGW managers three years ago. At that time we were lucky that a number of managers were nominated to act as reps. These reps have worked tirelessly on your behalves since that date throughout the duration of their terms of office which are now due to expire.

Their efforts have secured a number of positives outcomes, a recent example of which is the permanent contractual change to Christmas and Boxing Day payments. We believe that this success resulted in the automatic inclusion of managers in this year’s enhanced pay arrangements for Sunday 1 January.

Amongst the many issues, which are currently under discussion, is an exercise to analyse with an aim to resolve pay discrepancies within the same grades and roles within fleet and other departments.

Going forward it is clear that are a still a number of unresolved issues which are underpinned by the current uncertainty with the franchise situation. It is therefore essential that you continue to use YOUR collective voice to set the agenda and ensure that all of the rep vacancies (outlined below) are filled at every level. 

Breakdown of positions:

Control/Safety/HR/Finance/IT/Comms/Sales and Marketing divisional councillor supported by:
Local rep-Control  /  Local rep-HR/Projects/Comms/Safety
Local rep-Control  /  Local rep-Finance/IT/Directors/Sales and Marketing
Local rep-Operations/Organisational Development and Compliance

Driver Management/On Board/Guards divisional councillor supported by:
Local rep-West  /  Local rep-Central  /  Local rep East
Engineering divisional councillor supported by:
Local rep-West  /  Local rep-Central  /  Local rep East
AOMs/Revenue/Stations divisional councillor supported by:
Local rep-West  /  Local rep-Central  /  Local rep East

For your ease and in order to maximise the best return possible to ensure that these seats are filled I have arranged for you all to receive copies of both the appropriate forms, which will need to be completed no later than Friday 4 May.

Our fax machine is currently out of action so if you have tried to send us your form via this method we request that you either post or scan and email it again.

Definition of reps positions
It is important to note that there these positions fulfil different criteria one is at a local level where the responsibility is for the local reps to liase with their local members and both identify and resolve any pertinent issues with senior management at this level.
If for whatever reason the issues remain unresolved or are identified as a collective issue affecting more then one manager or group of managers then it is important that this is shared with the Divisional Councillors so that these items can be raised at the next Divisional Council meeting. Divisional Council meetings take place once a quarter and are currently chaired on the Company’s side by Kevin Gale.

Next steps
During the period of March to April the current post-holders will be visiting your workplaces. If you are considering standing as a rep please approach them and discuss the role and or any queries you may have. Alternatively you can contact our Regional office for more information.
As a TSSA rep you can rest assured that you will be afforded all of the necessary support and training that you may require.

If you are interested in standing for any of these roles please contact our Regional Office by Thursday 15 March so that you can be sent a nomination form. Completed forms with 6 TSSA members nominations will be need to be received no later than Friday 4 May.

If more than 1 nomination is received then we will need to run elections at that time at which point we will issue further guidance. In the meantime it is very important that you notify us of any potential changes to your membership record such as job title, department and contact details.

Management Divisional Council Rep nomination

Management Local Rep nomination

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