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FGW: Management Grade Issues and Elections

11 July 2011

Update for Management members and call for nominees for elections. Also fill in our survey to tell us what issues you think are important

 Treated like Second Class citizens?

For sometime now your representatives have been expressing grave concerns over the way Management grade members are treated in comparison to other grades within FGW. Having faced the majority of job cuts over the past few years there are increasing work pressures on Managers which given the lack of clarity on Bonuses, working bank holidays for no additional pay, and examples of erosion of pay have lead to a feeling from managers of being second class citizens. This is especially worrying given the reliance that the company has on its managers to ensure that key goals and targets are met to ensure the efficient running of FGW.

Crunch time

In April when the company expressed it’s intention to not offer Managers the 29 April as double time TSSA’s reps were in undated with outcries from our management members and as such we approached the company to try to seek resolution on this and a number of issues. As a result a further meeting to specifically discuss these issues has been arranged for 9 August.

Therefore TSSA needs your input and feed into the negotiations that will be taking place at that meeting. We aim to arrange a series of surgeries between you and your reps over the coming weeks to enable us to get your input into the negotiations and find out more information which will enable us to best represent you.

In order to maximise our negotiating position, we need to demonstrate widespread support for a fairer way forward at FGW.

We need your help

We need volunteers to liase with our Management representatives to set up surgeries and events where you work, book a meeting venue and advertise it locally to ensure that there is enough attendance.

If you are interested in assisting with this then please contact the relevant representatives to arrange a visit:

Management Function





Paul Soane

Ian Davis

Email Paul


Email Ian




Control/Safety/HR/Finance/IT Comms/Sales & Marketing

Richard Makin

Andrew Adams

Email Richard


Email Andrew




Driver Management/On Board/Guards

Paul Juckett

Bill Montieth

Jason Thomas

Rod Lethbridge

Email Paul


Email Bill

Email Jason


Email Rod








Mike Keeber

Email Mike


Is there anything else that I can do?

Yes, firstly take the time to fill in our survey

We are also looking to fill a number of vacancies. Recently 2 of our management Divisional Council reps have stood down and as such I would like to thank Frank Palmer and Chris Redgewell for all their hard work and assistance over the years for TSSA’s members, you will be sorely missed.

As such the following Management Divisional reps positions are vacant:

 Engineering Management Divisional and Company Council Rep

HQ Divisional and Company council rep (covering Control/Safety/HR/Finance/IT/Comms/Sales & Marketing)

If you are interested in standing for either of these roles please contact Alan Valentine by email or 07775912829 well in advance of 3 August so that you can be sent a nomination form. Completed forms with 6 TSSA members nominations will be need to be received no later than 5 August. If more than 1 nomination is received then we will need to run elections. In the interim Local reps will be co-opted to take part in any meetings.

We also have a series of Local Management representative positions, which we vitally need to fill to ensure that YOUR voices are heard at every level of the company. If you are interested in finding out about how you can fill this vital role then please contact Alan Valentine on the details above within the same time scales or one of the other representatives on the details above. 

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