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FGW - Payment Arrangements for the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday (5 June 2012)

23 March 2012

Confirmation of discussions held at Company Council on 8 March 2012.

Details of the Arrangements

The Company has provided us with their written confirmation of the Arrangements as follows for all grades covered by collective bargaining:

· “Colleagues that are required to work on 5th June 2012 shall be paid at the enhanced rate of time extra on time worked i.e. double time.

· All colleagues that are rostered Rest Day or leave shall receive an additional day’s leave.

· All colleagues that have a rostered turn of duty but are not required to work on this day shall be booked off with pay.

· The above payment arrangements apply to turns of duty commencing on 5th June 2012 and is paid for the whole turn.”

We are very pleased that the offer this year is extended to the Management grade’s basic salary in the form of double pay for a standard working day (7 hours 24 minutes) “unless there is a duly authorised rostered turn of duty that extends these hours.” In addition “Managers not required to work will be booked off with pay, if RD or on leave they will receive an additional days leave.”

If you are in a Management grade please note that we are currently advertising all of the reps positions at a local and divisional level.

We accepted this offer on behalf of the members on Tuesday 20 March and therefore we expect that the payments will be made accordingly. If however there are anomalies please discuss these in a first instance with your relevant reps.


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