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FGW to be challenged on their refusal to discuss a 'People Process' with TSSA

29 January 2015

At the next Management Divisional Council (MDC)meeting on Thursday 5 February, TSSA reps will be vigorously challenging the companies refusal at the last MDC meeting to discuss a 'People Process'.

A 'People Process' is the procedure and process to be applied when individuals migrate to a new staff structure following organisational change. As you are aware, FGW frequently makes changes to managers' jobs,roles, and reporting lines, often displacingindividuals who are thenat risk of redundancy.TSSA believes you are likely to see a lot more of this in the future.

TSSA is keen to agree a process that can be applied to organisational change in the futurethat is transparent and fair.

Why is this now an issue?

Until last year FGW consistently used a 'People Process' in connection with staff reorganisations involving managers that wasagreed with TSSA in 2010.

However, when FGW embarked upona particularly controversialreorganisation in the Sales and Marketing department last year, they tore up the 2010 agreed process andattempted to impose aless favourable process on the managers affected.TSSA management reps eventually pressurised FGW to apply a fairer process, but the reps had a number of reservations about what was applied, and it was applied only after the reps formally 'failed to agree' over the issue. The matter remains outstanding.

The problem is that FGW has refused to agree to continue to operate the process agreed in 2010, opening up the prospect of this being a point of contention every time a reorganisation takes place. The fact that FGW has now taken steps to remove TSSA repsfrom the consultation process in the future by derecognising the union exposes managers to them being treated in whatever way FGW chooses at the time.

FGW's refused to enter into meaningful negotiations on a new 'People Process' despite their commitment to conducting industrial relations on a 'business as usual' basis until May. They have then attempted to justfy their position by maliciously misrepresenting a statement made bySteve Coe (TSSA Organising Director) made at the last meeting of the FGW Company Council.

What you can do to help?

Keep yourself and colleagues up to date with current issues by circulating TSSA communications, and printing them and displaying on noticeboards. Check out the twitter account @TSSAunion and the Facebook page

Talk to your colleagues about the importance of being a member of TSSA if they are not not already - they can join at

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