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FGW: Don't forget to vote!

5 June 2013

The Company seems intent on persisting to both ignore and treat your reps with contempt and disrespect which is why it is imperative that all those Management and Station Staff clerical members take the time to complete and return their ballot forms as soon as possible. It is vital that you stand together and demonstrate your solidarity by voting Yes, Yes, Yes in the current referendum ballot!

Management Divisional Council

We met with the Company on 30 May 2013 to discuss the outstanding fail to agree items with a view to resolving the potential dispute situation.

The discussions were open and frank and the Company were made clear at the outset that if we could not negotiate a mutually agreeable position on each item then they were leaving us with very little course of action.

On the issue of removal of the reasonable lunch expense for managers working away from their normal work location the Company has agreed to work up a proposal with clear parameters for eligibility such as time away and distance travelled. Your reps fought hard to win back this entitlement and are pleased that the Company saw sense in this regard.

Regarding the excessive unpaid working hours managers are regularly expected to do and the worrying impact that this has on our members the Company were unwilling to resolve this issue with your reps. The only concession that the Company was prepared to make was to publish guidance stressing the importance of good time management. Whilst we believe that this is a useful exercise it doesn't go far enough. Our aspiration would be for a wholesale review of the hours which managers undertake and analyse the differentials across the functions. We expressed this idea to the Company and that we would be willing to discuss various means of implementation to ensure that managers are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

We also discussed our aspiration to improve the existing management terms and conditions by paying enhanced rates for those managers who work Bank Holidays. The Company confirmed that this request was firmly rejected even though we expressed our willingness to introduce this on a staggered basis to spread the associated costs.

This highlights how important it is if you haven't already to complete and return the current referendum ballot forms by Friday 14 June. It is time now for us to display our solidarity and strength and that when pushed we will act as one. These last acts from the Company demonstrate the little regard that they extend to the management grade by refusing to work with us to improve your terms and conditions.

Station Staff Divisional Council

Not only has the Company still refused to meet with us to resolve the numerous outstanding "fail to agree" items but the list continues to grow with yet another issue lodged at the last meeting on 28 May 2013.

We continue to be totally disgusted with the way that the Company is currently treating your reps. We never “fail to agree” items lightly without first exploring all of the options seeking to influence the Company and negotiating win win situations. More and more we are finding that the Company don’t appear to want to negotiate with us preferring instead to amalgamate dozens of unresolved issues across the Company which they then choose to ignore.

Pay 2013

We met with the Company on 24 May 2013 to kick start this year’s pay negotiations. As mandated by you (91% of the pay survey respondents) we conveyed to the Company that we would like to discuss a multiple year deal. The Company indicated that they would support this proposal and have agreed to seek the DfT’s approval to continue the negotiations on this basis.

We will of course update you as soon as possible once talks have been resumed and the Company tables an offer.

Please continue to talk to your colleagues about these issues and stress the importance of being in a union and partaking in its democratic processes. If you haven’t received a ballot form or are aware of a colleague who hasn’t please contact the Helpdesk as soon as possible.

We need a strong team to continue to fight for your existing and future rights so please also consider becoming a rep. Please contact the Regional Office for more information.

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