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Fighting for electrification staff job security

24 October 2017

Amey have begun to consult with trade unions on proposals for electrification staff at risk of redundancy, starting with those who lay the foundations, 1a

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Our members will be crucial in ensuring that job security is an option for those who want to stay with Amey.

The plan initially presented to us made Ebenezer Scrooge seem compassionate! Proposals showed 1a staff receiving confirmation that they would be made redundant on 21 December, leaving families in turmoil when they should be enjoying the Christmas break. Once our union pointed out the obvious impact and we called for commitments to do more to protect jobs, the proposal was withdrawn.

We have now received a commitment that there will be no redundancies as a direct result of the demobilisation of 1a staff this year. Your involvement can help fairness and common sense prevail.


What happens next?

Many staff in this uncertain time are seeking certainty when questions remain unanswered. While consultation is ongoing, many processes and decisions are yet to be determined. Consultation is held with a view to reaching agreement and must seek to mitigate the impact of potential redundancies. This means that if members produce counter-proposals that Amey could accommodate that would save jobs, these should be agreed.

Our position is that Amey need to urgently start working with us to develop fair, objective and consistent processes for all electrification staff who are at risk of redundancy because of thegovernment’s failure to deliver on the commitment to electrify the West Coast Mainline beyond the Welsh border. Not a “salami slicing” approach to consult groups of staff in isolation without an overarching process.


We need your help!

Our members have indicated that they could produce a plan to retrain those whose work is demobilised in the earlier stages allowing them to be competent and suitable for redeployment into the more secure roles to replace contractors. Management have agreed in principle but members will be crucial to ensuring this is affective.

Draft documents suggest that affected staff will be considered for vacancies within Consulting and Rail. We are seeking assurances that your employer, Amey, commits to take necessary steps to secure alternative work across the Amey work where suitable positions exist.

We are working to negotiate a voluntary severance agreement for all electrification staff to create positions for those who want to remain in the organisation for as long as possible.

So far, two of our members have volunteered to be “co-opted reps” to support consultation. Arywn Rogers (SN1) and Michael Dorney (HOOB) will be representing TSSA members and our main points of contact for TSSA members. If you want to help them, email

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