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Fighting MK Travel Time Limits

11 June 2012

Please see our latest newsletter for Network Rail staff affected by travel time limits to Milton Keynes. Please download and share with your colleagues

   Fighting MK Travel Time Limits

After months of refusing to remove the arbitrary time limits for staff wishing to commute to the Quadrant, Network Rail still refuse to answer questions about members’ rights to follow their work to Milton Keynes.

The issue concerns the imposition last October of an arbitrary travel time limit of 75 minutes for Bands 5-8 and 90 minutes for Bands 1-4.

Hundreds of staff whose commute times to The Quadrant: MK in Milton Keynes would exceed this limit were denied their lawful right to follow their work, with many staff now facing redundancy.

In a cases brought by your reps, Network Rail have repeatedly REFUSED to answer fundamental questions which would establish once and for all whether there is any legal justification for the imposition of travel time limits.

In some cases, staff would actually have a SHORTER journey time to work in Milton Keynes than their present commute.

Meanwhile, around 50 staff travelling in excess of the new travel limits to Milton Keynes Central office are being allowed to continue when they move to the National Centre this summer.

Your union’s position is that the arbitrary travel time limits cannot be justified– no wonder NR fail to offer an explanation: there isn’t one!

The policy is detrimental to our members’ legal right to follow their work and is detrimental to NR’s ability to run a safe and efficient railway!

Network Rail originally cited “Duty of care” as an excuse for the time limits, yet their legal duty as an employer, to avoid redundancies where possible cannot be forgotten.

TSSA Helps Common Sense Prevail

Although the rule continues to cause major problems for Network Rail, our reps are helping sensible managers to keep skilled and experienced members in work through the appeal process. A minority of dogmatic hearing managers continue to follow the company line to the letter without question; others have demonstrated common sense in finding at least a temporary solution.


With your help, your union will continue to fight the mindless application of such arbitrary policies and support staff who want to follow their work to the Quadrant.

If you are still affected, speak to your TSSA rep to discuss your appeal. It is not too late. The Helpdesk can provide you with your reps’ details.

Make sure that your colleagues know that they can join TSSA online to help stop this nonsense:

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