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Final pay offer from c2c - you decide

27 January 2011

After very delayed negotiations, the Company has raised their offer to 3.75% backdated to September. This will be applied to basic rates and dynamic allowances. This means that when we begin pay talks for 2011, we will do so on the basis of your current salary increased by 3.75%. The minimum increase for full-time basic rates would be £600 and this would be pro-rata for part-time staff.

The pay anniversary for 2011 will return to 1 July as normal. We will start pay talks for 2011 before July so as to avoid any delay.


A referendum voting paper has been circulated to members. Please fill it in and send it back to us. It is your pay and your decision whether you accept the offer or not. If you need any more details or have any questions, please speak to your reps, Judy Attersley and Pam Alone. Adrian Forrest stood in for Pam at the last pay meeting so he will also be able to discuss this with you.

Terms and conditions

We have a real breakthrough with the Company this year and have a commitment to review that annualised hours system you work under.

We feel that this system is out of date, difficult to administer and unfair. Reps will obviously need your input. We need your views and opinions on what a new system may look like. Watch this space!

Once we have agreed this year’s pay talks we will begin discussions.

To find out more about TSSA, please get in touch with Jessie Fenn on
0207 529 8050 or drop an email to

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