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First Great Western: 2014 pay survey

8 January 2014

Your views are important tell us what you want from the 2014 pay claim by 24 January 2014.

2014 Pay Survey

It is time to formulate TSSA’s pay claim therefore as in past years we are writing to seek your views on our priorities for this year’s pay negotiations to enable us to formulate a pay claim reflecting your aspirations. Without your input early on we cannot ensure that our negotiation stance will match with your wishes so please spend a little time completing our survey.

As per the last pay claim survey we are conducting this online via the link below:

Please encourage your colleagues who are TSSA members to complete the survey or at the very least speak to your representative. If you have colleagues who want their opinions known but aren’t a member of any trade union then please encourage them to join online and have their say.

They can join online using the following link:

Please note that we still have a number of rep positions vacant so contact me if you are interested in playing a more active role in TSSA.

Pay Talks

You told us that you did not want a repeat of the protracted pay talks of last year so we pushed the Company to set an early date for this year’s negotiations and will present our pay claim on 26 February 2014. For this reason we have decided to keep the survey brief and simple which will form the basis of a more streamlined pay claim.

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