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“Fit for Future” talks fail, time for action

9 January 2014

Negotiations over LUL’s latest cuts programme have broken down over management’s refusal to provide basic information and rationale for their cull of front-line staff.


Given LUL’s total failure to engage meaningfully over the past 50 days, your Reps had no option but to call a halt to the “sham” talks.

We believe that the proposals are politically motivated and will not offer significant cost savings. The only certain thing is that staff and passengers will suffer.


TSSA has made it clear that direct discussions with LUL bosses have been totally fruitless and with no sign of common-sense prevailing on the management side.

Your Reps are keen to progress meaningful talks and we are ready to accept ACAS conciliation under the dispute resolution procedure. The ball is in management’s court.

Industrial Action Ballot

Despite the best efforts of your negotiating team, we have not been able to persuade LUL to see sense. Therefore, we have no choice but to ask you to take industrial action in defence of your jobs, pay and conditions. And to ensure that Londoners continue to get a top-quality tube service provided by top-quality staff. This ballot will include all Station member’s up to DSM’s, station admin, and members in Service Control. With only 5% of the intended cuts announced, we all know the consequences of not acting now!

This is clearly a last resort as your Union wanted to give negotiations the maximum opportunity to succeed before balloting.

Vote Yes, Yes

You should receive your ballot papers in approx. 1 week’s time. There will be 2 questions: We are asking you to vote yes to take action short of strike and yes to take strike action.

You will have 10 days to cast your vote as we are seeking to co-ordinate any action with our brothers and sisters in the RMT.

Better London Transport, not more cuts

TSSA is continuing to campaign for properly-funded, high quality, accessible and sustainable public transport in London. We are working with our allies in the Labour Party on a new vision for the Underground – one based on serving the needs of ordinary people - staff and passengers alike.

This dispute is about jobs, pay and conditions. But it is also about what type of a city and what type of a country we want to live in: a place run by the bankers and corrupt politicians or a place where fair play and human decency has not lost all meaning?

We will be carrying out leafleting sessions next week at stations on the network to get the public on board to stop these cuts. These will all be held between 07.00 – 09.00 each morning so please get along and help defend your jobs, your futures, and the future of the Underground!

13 January EDGWARE

14 January HARROW on the HILL




United we stand.

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