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Free Computer Skills opportunity

9 December 2010

Free Computer Skills opportunity for TSSA members in the wider Inverness area

Would you like to improve your computer skills?

TSSA works closely with the Scottish Union Learning and we are pleased to advise you that they will be running a series of free training programmes at Inverness. If you are interested in computer skills courses, see the attached information and send through an application direct to Vicky King, at Scottish Union Learning in the Highlands & Islands by Friday 14th January 2011.

Apprehensive about turning up just by yourself?

If you’d like to take a family member or friend too, you may well be able to!

The courses are open to both union and non union members - though if they are over subscribed for any courses, priority will be given to union members.

Please note that filling in the course interest form does not automatically mean you will have secured a place on the course of your choice. Once final selections have been made for each course they will come back to you to confirm your place.

Shift friendly learning

The Intermediate course is offering both fixed and flexible places i.e. anyone who works different evenings each week is interested in the Intermediate IT course. Therefore, when completing the course interest form you would indicate the Intermediate course option and tick that you want a flexible place – this would allow you to attend the Intermediate IT course on a Tuesday evening or a Thursday evening depending on your shift pattern that week. Fixed places are for those who can attend the same evening every week).

All courses are accredited. The Advanced It course will be covering the SQA PC Passport units of Spreadsheets/Databases or Word Processing/Presenting Information, and the Basic and Intermediate courses are part of the OCN framework.

Next steps

Read the attached information. Fill in the application form and get it off as soon as possible. And let the learning team at TSSA know what happens. Did you get a place? Which course did you take up? Did you find it interesting and useful? What happened next?

Helping yourself and others

You might even want to think about becoming a Union Learning Representative with TSSA and help develop more opportunities like this for yourself and other colleagues. If so, talk to our Learning Organiser Craig Edward at Vertex in Dingwall on Wednesdays or Thursdays on 07872507201 or

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