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Freightliner Intermodal Clerical Pay Update: Increase in pay offer from Freightliner

3 February 2017

TSSA (Chris Rylah, TSSA Organiser and Kevin Holstead, TSSA Business Council Rep), met with Freightliner Ltd, with RMT and Unite, on 31st January 2017 following pay talks on 20th December 2016.

During these talks, Freightliner verbally made the following increase in their pay offer for 2017 and 2018 and have followed this up in writing.

Year 1 (2017): RPI + 0.25% (equivalent to 2.45%)

Year 2 (2018): RPI minus 0.25% (minimum 1.0%, maximum 2.75% increase)

RPI is based on November 2016 for Year 1 (2017) and will be based on RPI in November 2017 for Year 2 (2018). This is an increase in the offer given at pay talks on 20th December 2016 which was for Year 1 (2017) 2.05% and for Year 2 (2018) RPI minus 0.25% (minimum 1.0%, maximum 2.5% increase).

Freightliner has stated this is their final offer.

We need your feedback on this increased pay offer from Freightliner. We can only represent you effectively if we know your views (and how deeply felt your views are) on this pay offer.

Is the offer acceptable/unacceptable for both years?

What kind of offer would be acceptable?

What length of deal are you looking for?

If this pay offer is not acceptable, are you prepared to take any form of industrial action?

Please email me at with your feedback. Please let me know your views by 10th February 2017. Any questions please let me know.

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