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Freightliner Intermodal Non-Management Pay Claim 2011 -Update

3 May 2011

Your reps met with the company today to discuss this years pay claim. The previous two year deal came to an end on 1 April 2011.

The company have indicated to us that it is a very bleak picture financially. They state that up to January this year the outlook was positive, however the period following this has not been good. The reasons they have stated for this are:

-* Period 1 figures were some of the worse in company history
-* Despite recent weeks seeming very busy, this is skewed due to the shorter working weeks over the Easter and early May Holiday period
-* The direct link between high street sales and the company’s fortunes and the very slow economic growth
-* Higher fixed charges (fuel etc)
-* A significant reduction in Mearsk revenue
-* Other operators undercutting on cost that can not be equaled

The position is currently that they are unable to table any formal offer and managment wish to consider their position once the figures for the period upto May is clear.

Your reps are concerned that the company have again made offers to other groups of staff that increase the possibility of disparity in pay and that we need to seek some consistency in dealing with this in order to avoid the situation of different offers for different grades. We are also concerned that over the last few years our members have been facing below inflation pay increases, effectively a pay cut whilst workloads have increased for individuals.

It was agreed by your reps that a way forward was to meet again on the 23 May with the involvement of all levels of union reps from across the company to present an update on the financial position and agree a way forward from then. This meeting will not be a negotiation on pay but merely an update on the financial situation with the company which will set the agenda for future pay discussion.

We will keep you updated on all developments.

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