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Freightliner Intermodal Non-Management Staff Business Council Rep Vacancy

21 August 2013

There is now a vacancy for a Company Level Representative to represent TSSA clerical and non-management grade members on the Freightliner Business Council. We therefore seek nominations from TSSA members to undertake this important and rewarding role.

The Business Council representative will represent the interests of members on a company wide level and will be involved in quarterly Business Council meetings, pay negotiations and collective bargaining on all company wide matters. Business Council Reps work closely with the TSSA Regional Organisers and TSSA members to ensure that our member’s views and aspirations are carried forward in all our dealings with the company.

You will need to be an existing TSSA member or Local Representative to apply and you will be offered full training and support from TSSA. As a recognised rep you will be entitled to paid time off to undertake your union duties, any union training and to attend meetings under the Freightliner Procedure Agreement.

If you are interested in taking on this role, please contact us for nomination form and complete this (ensuring that two current TSSA members nominate you) and return to us using the freepost address or send via fax for the attention of Nick Child. If there is more than one nomination then an election will need to take place amongst TSSA members. We will notify all members if this is the case. Please return your form to TSSA no later than Monday 23rd September 2013


At this point on behalf of TSSA I would like to take the opportunity to thank Darran Wall for the invaluable contribution he has made as Business Council Rep over the years and wish him well for the future.


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