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Freightliner Management Staff Excess Overtime Issue

21 November 2012

As part of the 2011 Pay settlement we agreed with the company to look into the issue of excess overtime working, which our Management Members had been highlighting for some time. We have now had intitial discussions with HR as a result of a survey of all management staff.

With the agreement of HR we put out the following joint statement to all Management Staff including non TSSA members:

Thank you for taking part in our recent survey, the results of which we have had some initial constructive discussions with HR.

We have agreed to work together over the coming months on investigating proposals for possible “guidance” documentation for Employees in Management Grades and their Line Managers, and whether such a step would be appropriate.

Discussions on the development of this will be via the TSSA Management Business Council forum (with the appointed TSSA Reps, Management and HR) and will be on going.

For our members we are happy to share the following headline figures below that came out of our survey for information. We have had lots of positive feedback from all staff, who are pleased that we are tackling this issue. We will keep you informed of developments via joint statements and on this website.

Key responses:

  • 101 responses from 209
  • Q3/4 – 52% start earlier or finish later at least twice a week
  • Q7 – 50%+ respond that overtime is an expectation or necessary to complete production/schedule/targets
  • Q8 – 39.5% worked overtime more than 37 weeks p/a
  • Q10 – 53.1% feel that overtime is excessive
  • Q13 – 72.2% respond that overtime is not managed locally
  • Q14 – 85.5% do not get asked in advance to work overtime
  • Q15 – 70.4% do not get the time back
  • Q16 – 87.3% do not get paid for overtime
  • Q19 – 80.3% feel that the best recognition apart from pay is TOIL
  • Q20 – 80% feel they would not benefit from time management training (some may not be willing to admit) IT Training

Other points:

  • A common view was that overtime is necessary to meet the workload due to holiday, sickness and administration burden
  • Rostered overtime (how this fits in with Red Book)
  • Travelling to from location often amounted to extra overtime working
  • Staffing levels were raised as a contributory factor
  • Need for development reviews to take place (consistency of management and support)

A big thank you for all of you for taking part in the survey and encouraging collegues to do so. If you have any questions or feedback please contact us here or speak to one of your Management Reps below:

Matthew Welsh – TSSA Management Grade Business Council Representative – Coatbridge

Neil Pothecary – TSSA Management Grade Local Representative – Southampton

Richard Laycock - TSSA Management Grade Local Representative – Eversholt Street, London

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