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Freightliner Pay Claim 2015 - Company Wide Pay Negotiations

24 February 2015

TSSA will shortly be lodging our Pay Claims for improvements to pay and terms & conditions of employment, please complete our survey so your views can be taken forward during our negotiations with the company.

The current Pay Agreements are due for negotiation for the periods commencing:

1st April 2015 – For Non-Management Grades.

1st July 2015 – Management Grades.

In order fully understand our members aspirations for these important negotiations we need your views. Therefore please complete our online survey at:

 We will be negotiating in a tough climate with the current low inflation rate; however whilst the economy is improving our members are not seeing their living costs going down.

Your views are valuable and will be kept confidential so please do let us know what you want us to take to the table in these negotiations.


My TSSA - Update your details online

It is essential that every member’s workplace and contact details are up to date.

You can check and update your details online instantly if you take a minute to set up your account at:

1. Go to

2. Log in through Facebook or create a separate mytssa account

3. Check and update your work and contact details


Your TSSA Reps in Freightliner Intermodal 

Matt Welsh

Coatbridge, Scotland

Business Council rep (Management grade)


Neil Pothecary


Local Staff Rep (Management grade)


Wade Sparrow


Local Staff Rep (Clerical)


Christopher Gibbs


Local Staff Rep (Clerical)


Richard Laycock


Local Staff Rep (Management Grade)


Kevin Holstead


Business Council Rep (Clerical)


Steve Driscoll


Local Staff Rep (Clerical)


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