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Future GTR Franchise and Southern

4 December 2014

TSSA has concerns following recent communications that Southern employees have received from their employer in regard to the formation of the new HQ organisation and support functions, following the transfer of Southern into the GTR franchise in July 2015.



The communications set out the principles that they want to endorse the new franchise. TSSA recognises that the employer has the right to do this and that it shows that they are planning ahead for the change, however, what the TSSA does have concerns about are some of the listed principles such as “will avoid duplication of activity” and in our view this means a reduction of jobs from both the current Southern and First Capital Connect organisations.

Southern state that they wish to have the new organisation ready to start at the date of transfer. This means that they intend to appoint people to the new organisations before the date of transfer, but they will not take up position until the new franchise starts. Reference is also made to redundancies, but not until the organisation starts in July 2015. Whilst TSSA understands that there is a need to have a new organisation in place for the start of the franchise, we do not want to see this as a cost-cutting exercise. It also begs the question - are employees being transferred into a new organisation only for them to be made redundant after the transfer!


TSSA is aware that you have been asked to come forward to join a representative forum. We believe that TSSA and your Company Council should be a part of the consultation process as we have been over the years and we will be raising this issue with management. I would urge TSSA members, however, to put themselves forward into this forum to ensure that we can influence this process. This must be by Friday the 5th December.

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