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Gainshare and Staff Survey

3 October 2017

No Gainshare for hardworking TSSA members in ScotRail this year as Abellio admits to losing £2.6 million.

On Tuesday 26th September TSSA met with ScotRail management to discuss the Gainshare.

Gainshare bonus is made up of five parts, each worth £100 if targets are met. However if the profit target is missed none of the other parts “unlock”. This means that despite ScotRail staff having met their targets in Customer Satisfaction (as measured by the National Rail Passenger Survey) and Peformance (PPM) - in theory worth £100 each there will be no Gainshare for staff.

To add insult to injury ScotRail informed staff of this in a leaflet entitled “Building the best railway Scotland has ever had”!

Liz Warren-Corney, TSSA Scotland Organiser said, "Quite simply, members are being punished for Senior Management incompetence. As we’ve seen recently, in 2015 in the first nine months of the franchise Abellio made nearly ten million pounds profit – over a million pounds a month. That was the year they didn’t pay a Gainshare because “it wasn’t in place yet”. However in 2016, despite revenues going up to £610 million, ScotRail managed to make a loss of £2.6 million. Now they tell us they’re going to be making a loss in 2017 too, and staff lose out on the Gainshare. What really makes me angry for staff is that an unnamed top executive was handed a payrise of £130thousand pound payrise whilst the company lost money hand over fist! - but they still can't reward our staff for actually doing a good job!" 


She added, "Scotrail are launching their Staff Satisfaction Survey this week. I do encourage members to be as honest as possible whilst filling the survey out." 


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