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Gatwick Express Catering Train Hosts to Transfer to Rail Gourmet

30 November 2010

TSSA have been invited to a consultation meeting on the transfer of the Gatwick Express Catering Train Hosts to Rail Gourmet.

This meeting will be under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment Regulations). TUPE is a law which protects workers when their employer changes as a result of the responsibility for providing a service moving from one company to another. In this case from Southern to Rail Gourmet for the service of onboard catering on the Gatwick Express trains. Currently Rail Gourmet provides this service on other Southern rail services.

What Questions will be asked

The TSSA will ask the following questions on behalf of the employees and seek assures in the responses:

-* Will employees retain their terms and conditions?
-* Will Collective Bargaining Procedures with the trade unions be adhered to?
-* Will the final salary Railway Pension Scheme continue?
-* What will happen in regard to travel facilities?
-* Does Rail Gourmet use the same payroll system?

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