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Gatwick Express: Introduction of Gatelines at Gatwick Airport and Victoria Stations

8 August 2011

TSSA has received a consultation document from Southern in regard to their proposal for the introduction of the gatelines at Gatwick Airport and Victoria stations. At a meeting, on the 11th August 2011, your Company Council representatives and TSSA organisers will discuss the proposals outlined in their document.


I can inform you, however, that the proposed organisation is as follows:


  • Removal of the existing Welcome Hosts



  • Removal of the existing On Train Revenue Hosts



  • Introduction of 46 Concourse Host ( 23 at Gatwick, 23 at Victoria )


Southern is proposing that the new role of Concourse Hosts will be on the Southern Grade of 2C and have Southern Terms & Conditions. This will mean a reduction of 18 full time positions. There are currently 40 full time positions and 32 part time positions (16 FTE). The new roles will encompass customer service, assistant at ticket machines, Avantix Sales, manning the gateline and customer greeting.

There are numerous issues that will need to be discussed with Southern such as:


  • Role options for displaced employees.


  • Selection process for the new roles.



  • No compulsory redundancy.



  • Any identification with the new roles.



  • Part time employees in the new organisation.



  • Transitional Arrangement from the collection of onboard fares to the introduction of the barriers.


The TSSA has organised a workplace meeting at Victoria on 8th August to hear your concerns on the proposed changes, if you are unable to attend please forward any comments or questions you have direct to

We will keep you updated on any developments.

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