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Gatwick Express: Introduction of Gatelines at Gatwick Airport and Victoria Stations - 2 Sept 2011

2 September 2011

TSSA attended another meeting with the company yesterday to discuss the above issue.


During the discussions the trade unions said that we believed the company was taking on board fully the issues we have raised on behalf of members who feel very strongly about them. There was much discussion regarding the grade being allocated to the new role under the company’s proposals. Unfortunately, I must report that we were unable to reach an agreement on this issue.

The PTR&R (Promotion Transfer Redundancy Resettlement) procedure was also discussed. TSSA believes that this agreement transferred with employees when they transferred from National Express to Southern. The company insists that no such agreement was in place at the time of the transfer. TSSA remains adamant that this is not the case and maintains this agreement is still in place and should be adhered to. This agreement covers your entitlements on displacement and redundancy and is, therefore, vitally important to the current situation. Failure to agree on this point resulted in us advising the company hat we were in dispute with them because they are not applying the PTR&R procedure to Revenue Hosts.

Regrettably, this means we have still not been able to conclude discussions on the following items:


  • Further details on the required numbers to operate the new gates.


  • A master roster for the new gateline positions.

Some progress was made on the range of positions you can apply for but this too was inconclusive. I am writing to Southern requesting that a Dispute Resolution meeting be convened at an early date. I can understand that Train Hosts feel frustrated with the lack of information but we are trying to look after your best interests throughout this reorganisation. Members will be provided with further information as soon as possible after the next consultation meeting has taken place.

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