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Gatwick Express: Introduction of Gatelines at Gatwick Airport and Victoria Stations - 6 December 2011

6 December 2011

TSSA attended further meeting with Southern following the filling of the vacant gate line positions as brought about by the reorganisation at Gatwick Airport and Victoria Stations.


Your union received guarantees that all displaced employees who want to remain in employment with Southern will have a position. There also has been a commitment to re-examine the allocation of some displaced employees’ into positions in the new organisation at Gatwick Airport and Victoria, to take into account travelling time between residential locations and proposed workplace locations.

Southern also stated that those who were not given a position as a result of this first allocation of displaced employees will be given one of the six month temporary positions on implementation with a commitment to find them a Southern position during this period. They were keen to emphasise that no employee failed an assessment for the new gateline role. During that period they would be allocated against a Southern gateline 1B position to provide job security, but it is envisaged there will be some movement away from the 1C Gatwick Express gateline positions by those allocated jobs and that this will create opportunities for those in the 1B positions. They would retain pay protection at the Onboard Revenue Host rate, the difference between the Onboard Revenue Host rate and the Customer Service Host rate of pay and receive the £1500 if they transfer to Gatwick Airport.

Southern have informed your union that currently 27 employees have been allocated positions on the new barriers at Victoria, 23 at Gatwick Airport, 2 in the ticket office at Victoria, 2 in the ticket office at Gatwick Airport and 2 in the platform 13/14 vacancies at Victoria.

Any members with any further questions should not hesitate to contact the TSSA helpdesk or their representatives on this matter.

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