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Gatwick Express: Introduction of Gatelines at Gatwick Airport and Victoria Stations - May 2012 Update

31 May 2012

TSSA met with the management team at the final consultation meeting held last week. The company has put forward its final proposal in regard to numbers required to operate the gatelines from 1 July 2012.


As a result Southern have proposed the following establishment levels:

- Gatwick 24 x Customer Service Hosts and 4 x C H’s part time, temp team leader.

- Victoria 20 x Customer Service Hosts and 6 x CSH’s part time.

Although there is an improvement in the overall numbers from the original proposal, TSSA has great concerns on the numbers being proposed. We believe that there have been a greater number of excess fares tickets sold than the data reflects, also that there should be more than one person covering the gates upstairs at Victoria. In addition, we believe there are weaknesses in the proposals by not having direct supervision at both stations. Southern are adamant, however, that the risk assessment states that the staffing levels of the upstairs gates is sufficient, that the Customer Experience Managers at Victoria will deal with the supervision issues and at Gatwick, Revenue Protection will provide support on the excess fares issue. They have also proposed that the current cashiers at Victoria take a supervisory role in ticketing issues with customers.

TSSA is clear that we are not satisfied with the outcome of the proposed establishments, but Southern have stated that the consultation process has now come to an end.

· The next steps are that rosters will be negotiated with local reps.

· Individual part time issues will be dealt with appropriately.

· All employees will be moved to their substantive roles allocated following their displacement last December.

Please remember that those that have taken assessments in other roles can still keep applying with their preferential status up to September 2012 and those applying for positions within the Southern station grades will be able to continue to apply after September 2012.


TSSA is committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our members with regards to support and negotiations on your behalf. However we need to increase our strength in order to improve the working lives of our members.

If all our members were to encourage just one colleague to join, our strength as a union will be doubled and we would be even stronger in facing an ever-changing climate at work.

Please feel free to pass a copy of this circular to non-TSSA colleagues and encourage them to join TSSA.

TSSA Organising our future – Non-members can now join TSSA online: HERE

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