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Gatwick Express Introduction of Gatelines at Gatwick Airport and Victoria Stations Update

25 August 2011

TSSA attended a further meeting with the company recently to discuss the above issue. Whilst we received some responses we reiterated that we were not satisfied with these and also raised some further issues with the company.


A further meeting will be held on 1st September and it is intended to hold a joint workplace meeting for TSSA and RMT members on the afternoon of 9th September at which further information will be given. The venue for this meeting is yet to be confirmed.

The specific issues that we are actively pursuing are:


  • An agreed PT&RR (Promotion Transfer Redundancy Redeployment) procedure for employees.



  • The scope of positions in Southern that displaced train hosts can apply for.



  • A negotiated proposed new role - not slotted into the existing Southern Station Grades terms and conditions.



  • Option of voluntary redundancy



  • Further details on the required numbers to operate the new gates.



  • A master roster for the new gateline positions.



  • Details on the proposals for the Team Leaders, Admin Staff. This meeting will take place on the morning of 9th September for which there will be a separate consultation paper.


Members will be provided with further information as soon as possible after the next consultation meeting has taken place.

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