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Gatwick Express Reorganisation

4 June 2013

TSSA met Southern again to discuss the further points that had been raised in connection with the above reorganisation.


TSSA concerns over the number of new Multi Team Leaders was accepted for Gatwick and the proposal is to have a middle turn to deal with cashier items only at this location. However Southern insisted the roles will take a Southern Grade and the associated terms and conditions with that, but agreed the grade to be 2C.

In regard to the Station Services Assistant again Southern were adamant that the role would be a Southern Grade 1B and again would have to take the terms and conditions of the 1B role.

Southern believe that their new structure will work and emphasised that this proposal was increasing the number of more positions at Gatwick Airport.

TSSA is conscious for some of our members this is a major change, with the introduction of the multi team leader. The TSSA is here to support all our members who are displaced and having to apply for the new positions. Existing TDC’s will have to take a ticket office assessment and there will be a planning exercise and interview for them and the existing Team Leaders. The current Customer Service Information will also be included in the closed list pool for Station Service Assistant despite the objections of the TSSA who believe they are more aligned to the Customer Services Host.

The company confirmed that those working out of grade as a part of this reorganisation will receive pay protection for two years, as per other agreements.

TSSA strongly emphasised that we see multi skilling as up skilling and therefore expect, when we look at the whole station grading structure in the autumn, that multi skilling will be reflected in grade and salary, The TSSA is seeking assurance on this matter.

All displaced employees having to apply for new positions on new terms and conditions should not hesitate in contact TSSA,for advice on

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