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Gatwick Express: Reorganisation of Admin, Management and Team Leaders at Victoria

6 December 2011

TSSA attended a meeting with the company to discuss the above issue. The company proposals are a two-staged programme of change. The proposals are as follows:


    • Stage I


    • Stage II


    The removal of the six Team Leaders, Service Delivery Organiser, the 25 temporary employees and the seconded Customer Experience Manager to be implemented on 1 July 2012.
    The removal of the Customer Service Manager, Deputy Customer Service Manager and the Admin Support role. The change of the duties of the six Team Leaders where they will supervise the new Customer Service Hosts and the temporary 25 roles. The Team Leaders to work a two shift roster of early and late shifts and only have three remain at Victoria and three to be located at Gatwick Airport. The temporary structure to have a Customer Experience Manager at Victoria to manage the temporary organisation. The Customer Experience Manager to be seconded from the current CEMs employed by Southern. This organisation to implemented on 1 January 2012.

The company stated that they would endeavour to find the displaced staff alternative employment within other parts of Southern. They would also offer voluntary redundancy.

TSSA emphasised that we did not believe that the organisation would work after 1 July 2012 by removing the Team Leader roles, this proposed organisation did not match similar structures within Southern. We also emphasised that we did not want to see the Team Leaders being disadvantaged by being moved location and that they should be rewarded for their loyalty in supervising the six months of the new organisation. A response is awaited from the company on this issue and I will, of course, keep you advised of any developments.

Anyone who is disadvantaged as a result of this reorganisation should contact the TSSA immediately for support and advice. The TSSA Helpdesk number is 0800 328 2673 and they should also contact their local representatives.

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