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General Election Needed After Historic Government Defeat - Cortes

16 January 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has called for a general election after the defeat of the governmentÂ’s Brexit deal in the House of Commons

Cortes described the size of the Conservative’s defeat as “off the scale” and said it was not credible for MPs who voted against Theresa May to now stand in the way of a Labour government which would take the country forward and solve the Brexit crisis.

Manuel Cortes said: “There’s no escaping the fact Theresa May has suffered the biggest defeat of a sitting Prime Minister in British history and no escaping the fact the Conservative Party is deeply divided and paralysed over Brexit.

“The off the scale defeat shows May has no confidence among her own MPs and no more cards to play. There’s little point in her coming back to the Commons again with a similar proposal as the clock ticks down towards No Deal.

“The Tories have inflicted this Brexit crisis on the UK and their own MPs have now torpedoed May’s Brexit deal just weeks before we are set to leave the EU; their whole approach has been disastrous and they must now get out of the way.

“This is a government which cannot govern. Nothing could be clearer to the British public after last night. Jeremy Corbyn is right to call a vote of no confidence in this rotten, failing government.

“We need a general election now and we badly need a Labour government which will sort out this Brexit mess and start dealing with appalling effects of Tory austerity which have blighted millions of lives for far too long."

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