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General Grades Pay Offer 2010

28 October 2010

TSSA reps are currently giving consideration to the company’s third “final” pay offer! The offer is over two years, with the salaries of general grades being increased as follows:

- from April 2010, salaries to increase by 3.7%;
- from April 2011, salaries to increase by the Retail Prices Index (RPI) percentage figure for February 2011.

This means that these staff would receive no real terms increase in salary for two years.

The offer is subject to the condition that all general grades employees become part of the Merseyrail pension salary sacrifice scheme, with individuals having the opportunity to opt out of the scheme upon written request to the company within 21 days.

Merseyrail have given a commitment that if the current financial advantages arising from the salary sacrifice scheme are ended by the government, in reverting to the current arrangements the company will make up any costs and will not look to recover those costs from employees.

Following the firm stance taken by TSSA, the company has withdrawn its proposals to cut pay in real terms this year, and the TSSA reps welcome this. However, the reps are concerned that in the second year, RPI could be very low, or even zero, and the pay award would reflect that. It could even be a negative figure as it has been in the recent past, though the company has given assurances that pay would not be cut in such circumstances.

The offer will be discussed at the next branch meeting on 10th November 2010 all members are encouraged to attend and make their views on the offer known.

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