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General News

8 March 2011

TSSA has new Company Council and consult changes to the Revenue Department.

- TSSA Company Council
Followinh seeking nominations, TSSA can now advise that TSSA’s three representatives on the Company Council will be:
- Ian Heritage (Poole Ticket Office) - Nasir Khan (Waterloo Station)
- John Walsh (Southampton CSC)
- Only one of the three positions we are entitled to on the Company Council Committee was filled, namely:
- Simon Brown (Friars Bridge Court)
- This means we are looking for further nominations to fill these two remaining vacancies.

Revenue Protection Reorganisation

South West Trains met TSSA to advise they had reviewed their requirements for revenue and gateline staff. The outcome of the review has created a surplus of 83 revenue grades. All these grades will remain in their present positions and will be used to carry out a full range of revenue protection, customer service and gateline tasks. The new staffing levels would be achieved through normal staff.

CSA grades will have working times and numbers required at locations reorganised.

All these changes will be covered by the PT&R arrangements and there will be no compulsory redundancies. Whilst TSSA welcomed the commitment to no compulsory redundancies, we strongly objected to the proposals that meant in the longer term there would be significantly less staff carrying out this important frontline work.

Bank Holiday 29 April 2011

The extra Bank holiday has been granted as per the Bank Holiday terms and conditions of specific grade groups.

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