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21 April 2011

Updates including Gatelines to be introduced at Gatwick Airport and Victoria, TUPE Transfer of Catering On Board Staff, 2011 Pay Offer and Stewarts Lane Reorganisation

Gatelines to be introduced at Gatwick Airport and Victoria

The TSSA met Southern as a result of our members being told that gatelines were to be introduced at Gatwick Express locations. We complained vigorously that it was outside the bargaining procedures. Southern accepted that they should have consulted through the trade unions. On top of that they had no proposal to put to the trade unions in regard to any changes. Again we stated that they have caused worry amongst our members when they have no proposal to place in front of them in regard to their employment. The TSSA intend to campaign against these proposed changes and by going to the following website you can become part of the community campaign and facebook on this matter, sign our petition and get others to join you.

TUPE Transfer of Catering On Board Staff

A date has been agreed for the consultation on the above matter, and the first meeting will be the 27th April 2011. I will of course inform you of the detail of that meeting.

2011 Pay Offer

The TSSA attended a recent meeting with Southern to discuss our claim for a pay increase for 2011. After two meetings we received an offer of 3.6%, which we have rejected on behalf of our members. A further meeting is planned in May.

Stewarts Lane Reorganisation

Following the above reorganisation, Southern has stated they do not believe it is fair that employees work at that location at different hourly rates of pay. Southern has offered a one off buy out of contracts, which will be communicated to members separately.

I would recommend all non-members of a trade union to join the TSSA at this crucial time in their employment, so that we can help them in protection of their employment rights. You can do this by telephoning the TSSA Helpdesk on 0800 328 2673.

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