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German-style diesel fume health risks here in rail industry

21 March 2018

The diesel scandal that erupted in Germany earlier this year may also be on our doorstep at Amey Rail.

TSSA members at Amey who work carrying out tunnel examinations could be at risk of cancer from prolonged exposure.

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

“Despite the seriousness of this health risk, Amey Rail’s management have not stopped using diesel powered Road Rail Vehicle Elevated Platforms in tunnels and have not provided convincing evidence that they are safe.

“In the nine months since Amey said they would carry out tests on diesel engine exhaust emissions, only one test has been carried out, in one tunnel. This shows a shocking lack of regard for our members’ lives!

“Shamefully, the scandal that was called ‘morally reprehensible’ by senior figures in the German government is being ignored here.

“Frankly, I’m very surprised, as Amey use their reputation on health and safety to bid for big government contracts. Amey’s CEO Andy Milner has told staff health and safety is in our DNA and that everyone should ‘100% act and think that way’. That’s categorically not what’s happening with diesel exhaust emissions.

“I’m calling on those affected by diesel fumes, to contact us, so our TSSA union can understand the full picture. Amey staff should also use the close call reporting systems to log health and safety issues. We are currently surveying all of our members and will not hesitate to take whatever action is required to protect them. Amey management should now see sense and give this matter the urgent attention it deserves”.

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