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Get organised for A Future That Works - in your workplace, branch and community

5 September 2012

People across the whole TSSA family – leaders, activists, members, their family and friends are all getting fired up for the October 20 demonstration, whether attending in London, Glasgow or Belfast. We have a goal to bring out 1000 members, family members, friends and community partners to march under the TSSA banner. To do this, we need everyone to get active and get organised!

Kill the Cuts

Our theme for the day is ‘Fight the Horror Cuts’. To make it a family fun day for all, we encourage all those who’d like to, to wear horror costumes. We will have face painting for the kids, snack packs and a whole lot more on the day. Here are a few ingredients for organising success: We want all members who can to join the demonstration. If you can’t attend yourself, look at all those members of ‘Team TSSA’ around you who might be able to join the call for A Future That Works:


They may be a rep, they may be a member who gets active on particular issues, but they are definitely someone who can motivate others and inspire them to come on the march. A TSSA workplace leader is well respected by their colleagues and is someone who can bring others to meetings, marches and get them active in TSSA campaigns. Does this describe you? Or a colleague you know? If so, we need to hear from you now. Tell us who is a leader in your workplace at

Active members Without active members our union will have no strength. An active member or activist is someone who is involved in our campaigns and workplace union activities. They distribute materials, go to meetings, attend leaflet actions and marches, help organise their workplace and spread the word about the horror cuts facing us all. We need these kinds of activists in our preparation for the October 20 march. Are you active? Would you like to be more involved and help organise the biggest TSSA march yet? Find out more on or contact Nadine Rae on


Our members are the union. We cannot grow smaller and stronger at the same time – we need to grow our membership and encourage members to get involved in the union. The march on October 20 is the perfect event to build a deep feeling of pride in TSSA and what we can achieve. Our leaders and activists will be calling upon members to show their support and solidarity on October 20 by coming to the march. Are you a member who is thinking about coming? Do you want to show how you feel about the horror cuts in rail, travel and public services? Find out more and pledge to come on


Our TSSA branches play a vital role in organising mass events like the October 20 demonstration. If every TSSA branch brought 10 people we would easily exceed our goal of 1000 members and families, friends and community partners. To reward those branches who do their part and register 10 or more people pledges to come to the march, we will print a branch banner for you to march behind on the day and keep for future actions. You can register your pledges at

Charlie Daniels’ top tips

Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels is a rep within Network Rail on full time release. Charlie’s branch brought along the largest number of people of any branch to the previous TUC demonstration last year. Here are his top tips on getting people to the march:

  • Get the information out about the date, location, and reasons why we are marching as soon as possible, so people know about it.
  • Identify a group of people who can help you approach others about coming to the march. They will be your October 20 Campaign Group. Meet regularly to discuss progress and other key issues: who has approached whom, what were the responses, how can we overcome objections and arrange travel?
  • Make a list of who has attended a branch meeting, been along to a workplace meeting or even signed a pledge card. List anyone who has done anything in the past six to 12 months to show their support for the union. These are your active members.
  • Ask your active members first! They are more likely to say yes straight away. l Then approach people who have not yet been personally involved in union activities. Ask people if they have received all the information: Did they get the email? Have they seen the poster? Do they need more information about why we need to march?
  • People will often ask ‘Who else is coming?’ By then you will already have commitments from some active members, which will encourage people to come who have never done anything union before;
  • Make it a fun day for all!

Charlie adds, ‘We had a branch banner made so all our branch members could march together. Our committee worked out all the travel arrangements – which underground stations we needed, where we were going to meet. We even arranged for a snack pack when people were heading home on the train! It was a long day for all of us, and people really appreciated that little extra thought.’

‘As branch chair, I took responsibility for leading the committee, checking with people who had said they would do something. As we were meeting really regularly we could go over the problems and issues well in advance, resolving any issues that were keeping our members from attending.’

‘It is simple organising, but still not easy! We needed to help each other and keep on top of the issues as they came up. We’re now seeing the impacts of the cuts that we predicted last year. That’s why we need to march on October 20 for a future that works.’ 7 Charlie Daniels, chair, Network Rail Anglia North Branch

Regional events to prepare for the march:

September 15 & 16 – check out for details of the event near you.

The demonstration pre-event will discuss the purpose of the march, address concerns, provide logistical information and discuss organising strategies going into the march. Last year there was a pre-event in London, which provided a direct boost to the numbers of people joining the march. Materials and agenda are being prepared and will be available soon on


Halloween campaign launch for 2013


TSSA are staying ahead of the game by launching our campaign for 2013 on Halloween, 31 October. Just 11 days after the October 20 march, our campaign launch is a signal to politicians and rail employers that TSSA are stepping up our fight for a better railway in 2013. We will hold a launch action and evening event in London and hope to involve as many members and community partners as possible. Details are being finalised now so check for more information.

This Halloween we will share with members our vision for 2013 and beyond. If your branch, company council or workplace wants to find out more about our campaign for 2013 or to hold your own Halloween launch, contact Nadine Rae on

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