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Give rail commuters a break!

13 August 2018

TSSA is demanding the government give rail commuters a break and drops its 2019's fare rises which will be announced on 15th August 2018.

Since privatisation, fares have increased every year with at least August’s Retail Price Index figures which this month is expected to be running in the mid 3-4 per cent range.

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes believes to continue squeezing money out of passengers at a time when they are routinely facing cancelled trains, overcrowded carriages and appalling travelling conditions is a moral outrage as well as legalised robbery. He also wants the government to simplify fares to loosen the burden on passengers.

Said Cortes, “It's now clear that railway staff shifts are way more stressful than before the disastrous May 20th timetable changes which sadly means many more frustrated passengers have become abusive to our members.”

“The first duty of government is to protect its people from harm. So, it needs to stop train operating companies treating passengers as sitting ducks.

“Passengers have had to pay an extra 3.6% to travel this year for a service that’s not just declined, in some cases it’s totally collapsed.

“If they get away with charging a similar increase for 2019, it will mean that passengers will be over a barrel, paying at least 7% more than in 2017, for services which aren't just not improving but are in free fall.

"Justice for passengers means dropping the annual rip-off rise and also simplifying the Byzantine fare structure which privatisation has imposed. Better still, end this costly farce, put passengers before profits, by bringing our railways back into public ownership".

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