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GLA supports campaign to stop the cuts

22 October 2010

The London Assembly has called on Boris Johnson to rethink his plans to cut jobs on the Underground. They agree with the TSSA that the cuts will damage customer service, leave passengers feeling less safe and disadvantage passengers with disabilities who find it difficult to use the machines and who rely on Underground staff for assistance when travelling by Tube.

Val Shawcross AM, who proposed the motion, said: ‘Three years ago the Mayor was campaigning to save ticket offices, now he seems intent on cutting opening hours. This amounts to a betrayal of the most vulnerable passengers - people with disabilities, people travelling late at night and people who rely on staff for assistance. Ticket machines have revolutionised the way people buy their tickets, but can never totally replace a real person offering help and assistance. Safety and quality of service must come first.’

London Underground are pressing on with the announced 1,600 job losses.

Stop press: packed anti-cuts meetings at Broadway

The TSSA held two packed meetings at Broadway to begin the campaign against the new cuts to non-operational staff, with many offering to help stop the cuts.

ACAS Update

We are currently in talks at ACAS however, the planned industrial action is going ahead. To date LUL have failed to commit to meaningful negotiation with no preconditions. Should any progress be made your reps will be consulted before any decision is made.

You too can help:

- Sign the petition to save LUL jobs today
- Pass this article on to those you know aren’t in the union and ask them to join today, to download a form
- If you are in a non-ops position then please undertake our survey

If you can help out with any of the above activities or wish to be a contact for your area then drop an email to

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