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GMB have broken restructuring deal

7 October 2014

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes has accused the GMB of trying to bully his members over a restructuring agreement which has led to a planned 24-hour walkout at the rail union.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow's strike, the general secretary said, "We are saddened that a sister union sees fit to attack us in the media. The GMB signed an agreement with TSSA only this July to deal with staff who may be displaced as a result of an on-going reorganisation. It beggars belief that the GMB now want to walk away from this agreement when the ink is barely dry. We have repeatedly offered to go to ACAS to resolve this dispute to no avail. Let's not forget that we have a no compulsory redundancy policy so no-one's livelihood is at risk. Our members will not be bullied or cajoled be the antics of the GMB."

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