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Go green at work

18 June 2012

Go green at work

The world is warming up. Climate change and pollution is damaging people, the economy and natural systems.

The vast majority of climate scientists say it's very likely humans are changing the climate. The most authoritative view comes from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and this is echoed by the more recent UK Met Office. Even BP accepts global warming is happening. The oil giant says all countries, industry and society at large have to act.

Pollution affects us right now. A recent BBC report highlighted that traffic pollution can kill as many as 5000 people a year in the UK, that’s almost twice as deadly as traffic accidents.

The poorest and most vulnerable have done least to cause climate change - but they're being worst hit - whether it's people of small islands facing rising seas, or older people in the UK dying in heat waves.

It doesn’t have to be like this

The benefits of taking action are huge:

·         The UK could be a world leader in green energy. It's the windiest place in Europe - and great for wave and tidal energy. 

·         Using clean local energy would make us less dependent on expensive dirty fuels - like imported oil and gas.

·         It would create jobs - 70,000 across England and Wales if councils insulated homes and fitted green energy like solar panels.

Trade union members have always demonstrated that they are part of the solution, not part of the problem. Unions are now the real champions in the workplace, pushing initiatives to tackle energy and resource use, recycling and promoting green travel.

How does this affect TSSA members?

Public transport is the safest and most energy efficient way of moving around the country. Public transport isn't just greener - most of us need it to get around. Two out of five jobseekers say lack of transport is a barrier to getting work.

Encouraging public transport use also requires challenging the high fare increases that put the public off. Campaign for Better Transport have published research which shows that cutting bus and rail fares and increasing motoring and aviation taxation could cut carbon emissions by 13%.

TSSA is a transport union. We know that by making the environmental case for affordable public transport we will be supporting our members by encouraging more trains and track to be built, using the most up to date design and employing staff across all areas of the system.

So what do we do about it?

We want to hear from you about your experiences and want to encourage more reps and activists in the workplace

·         You can learn more on TSSA’s The Workplace Environment course in Bristol on 11-12 October 2012. Please display the flyers in your workplace and talk about the issues with your colleagues. You can enrol for the course online

·         Complete a TSSA pledge to ‘save our stations’ and challenge high fares by getting involved in the #FareFail campaign their website

·         Please join the GreenTSSA page on Facebook and advertise the event online and sign up to the @GreenTSSA feed on Twitter

Contact Mark Wilkinson for more information on or speak to your local rep or Branch activist

Thank you

Our local reps and branch activists are core to this union, we rely on your efforts to make all this happen.

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