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Government Consultation on extended Further Education loans for learning

8 July 2014

Following an angry discussion at the LULR Forum, we agreed to consult more widely on the the Governments's proposals to cut free Level 2 courses for adults and bring in enhanced levels of Further Education loans.


Formal Consultation on Government cutting public education but extending loans.

The Government say that public funding in England must be prioritised for younger learners and those with lower skills. They are proposing to make changes to the Further Education funding system after the Academic Year 2015/16.

The Government is asking for our views on:

  • People over 24 years old continuing to be able to access free English and maths qualifications and units to help them progress to GCSE (previously known as “O” Levels) A* to C (at level 2) .
  • People over 24 years old to be charged for all other Level 2 qualifications offered by colleges and other training providers.
  • People over 24 year olds to be able to access FE loans to pay for these other programmes.

Do you have any views on this proposal?

Do you have any views as to whether there are particular groups within your colleagues who will be most affected by this change to public funding for [potentially lower qualified] workers?

  • Rules have already changed so that adults over 24 cannot access free Level 3 or above [i.e. “A” Levels or NVQs L3] qualifications from colleges or training providers but can access a loan to pay for such programmes.

Do you have any examples of colleagues who have already told you that they are not able to take on a Level 3 course because of the loan system – and do you have any specific comments about particular barriers for qualification types, subjects, course length or cost?

If you have any views on any of these questions please contact the Learning Team by 8th August to feed into our formal response from TSSA.

If you would like to comment on the full range of  quaestions you can download the full consultation paper here but please get any other comments back by 8th August as well:

   Consultation on Government's proposal on extension of Further Education Loans


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