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Govia Thameslink Railway 2015 Pay Offer

4 January 2016

The TSSA has received a further pay offer from Govia Thameslink Railway in regard to the 2015 Pay Award.


TSSA and its representatives acknowledged this is an improved offer and it is the opinion of your representatives that the offer should be put to the members in a referendum with the TSSA recommending acceptance.

The offer is as follows:

For Engineering, Revenue and Station Staff a four year pay offer of:

Year 1 2.5% increase in pay and appropriate allowances backdated to 5th April 2015.

Year 2 (April 2016) 2% or RPI +0.25% whichever is the greater.

Year 3 (April 2017) 2% or RPI +0.25% whichever is the greater.

Year 4 (April 2018) 2% or RPI +0.25% whichever is the greater.

Revenue staff to have their salary to become fully pensionable from 1st January 2016.

Engineering, Revenue and Station staff to receive a one off engagement with technology payment of £60 gross.

The TSSA believes that this offer is acceptable as it guarantees our members a pay rise for the next four years, and it introduces fully pensionable pay for Revenue grades and has a one off technology payment for all three groups of employees included in the potential agreement.

It is therefore the intention to seek the views of our members by way of a referendum.

All completed referendum forms to be returned by first post on Monday 4th January 2016 by using the free post address on the back to TSSA, Walkden House 10, Melton Street, London NW1 2EJ

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