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Govia Thameslink Railway Proposed On-Board Supervisors

11 February 2016

The TSSA met with representatives of Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) to be briefed on the introduction of a new position/grade of “On-Board Supervisor”.


It is important to emphasise that this meeting did not get into any detail on the proposals, therefore I am somewhat surprised to see the communication that has gone to revenue staff from local mangers.

The TSSA were informed that GTR’s intention was to evolve the current revenue protection focus to one of customer service focus and they are proposing a minimum of 440 positions from the existing revenue and conductor grades.

The TSSA emphasised that it respected our sister trade union, the RMT’s view on the proposal. They do not recognise the loss of the conductor role on certain routes in the southern half of the business and they state that this is an issue that needs to be discussed between them and the employer.

The only part of the proposal that was shared with TSSA was the location of the new depots, which are as follows:

Southern: Barnham, Brighton, Eastbourne, London Bridge, Three Bridges, Victoria.

Great Northern: Cambridge, Enfield Chase, Kings Cross, Kings Lynn, Peterborough, Welwyn Garden City.

Gatwick Express: Gatwick Airport.

Thameslink: Brighton, Luton, St Albans, Tooting.

I cannot emphasise enough that we have not discussed any details, such as: ways of working, terms and conditions, salaries and locations.

The introduction of this role will only take place after consultation between Govia Thameslink Railway and the trade unions, therefore I would urge you not to go to any local consultations until the TSSA have discussed this with the employer at company level, through the correct channel, as per our procedures.

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