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Govia Thameslink Railway Proposed On-Board Supervisors Role

27 April 2016

Your union recently declined an invitation from Govia Thameslink Railway to meet to discuss their proposal to introduce On-Board Supervisors whilst our sister trade union the RMT remain in dispute with GTR over the role of the guard.


TSSA does not believe that we can discuss the role of the new position and the terms and conditions when the majority of those employed in the role will migrate from the conductor grades in the Southern area, and that group of grades are currently not around the bargaining table.

Your union is conscious that TSSA members employed in revenue will have received communication from GTR regarding the On-Board Supervisors role, in which they have stated that they do not regard the proposed role to be outside the scope of the Revenue Protection Officers/Inspectors contracts of employment and that they intend to give notice of the changes as per section 188 of the Trade union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992. This effectively means that they are going to issue notice to terminate your current contract and reengage you in the On-Board Supervisors role on a new contract of employment with new terms and conditions. Although there will be no redundancy payments this still constitutes a redundancy situation under the terms of the legislation and places a requirement on GTR to consult representatives of the affected employees at least 45 days before your dismissal takes effect. This is a minimum requirement though and ACAS recommends that consultation should be “at an early enough stage to allow discussion as to whether the proposed redundancies are necessary at all.” Consultation will need to address the proposed changes to terms and conditions that lie behind the planned dismissals, exploring their justification in equality, financial or other terms, the possible alternatives that would avoid dismissal or the changes that could limit the number of staff affected.


Your union views the threat of notice to employees as a challenge to the TSSA and its revenue members, as well as a blatant attempt to divide the workforce. We will be organising a meeting of your representatives to consider our unions response to this latest development including a ballot of members for industrial action. Your representatives will be speaking to members individually where possible and you are all asked to attend your next TSSA Branch meeting to discuss your concerns and our union’s collective response.

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