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Govia Thameslink Railway Proposed Station Hosts (Southern)

7 March 2016

The TSSA met again with management to discuss the issues further and I am afraid to say that those discussions have not led to TSSA being able to inform its members of details on how this reorganisation is going to be implemented.


The following issues are still not clarified:

· How will the implementation of the scheme, at those stations with limited ticket office opening hours and station hosts working at the same time, be achievable at the beginning of the scheme, if the staffing numbers are to be implemented as per the proposal by September 2016?

· Are all employees displaced at the same time?

· The company have stated that they will not use seniority as a selection process, but will have to respond to us in regard to what procedure for selection they will use.

· The issue of cash-handling and accountancy arrangements and ticket selling technology is still being considered by GTR.

· What will be the capability of ticket selling by Station Hosts?

· What is the amount of lone working required and have GTR assessed the safety of employees working outside a secure environment at some of the proposed locations?

The Company Council and some local representatives are visiting stations concerned to canvass the view of the station staff concerned.

The consultation on Schedule 17 has started and the posters have been put up at the relevant stations. It is essential that we inform the public of where they can raise objections; which will be Travel Watch for the Greater London area and Passenger Focus for the non-London Areas. Please draw to the public’s attention that the new proposed times for the ticket office, compared to the existing times.

The TSSA will be campaigning over the next two weeks and we will be coordinating as to how we can maximise the objections from the public, as it is essential that we get the public to fight this. We will be seeking assistance from local community groups on these ticket office closures and also local constituency Labour Party groups. Already, this has led to a local MP starting an online petition on the closures at Shoreham by Sea and Lancing stations. This is an example of how important it is that members contact the Members of Parliament for the location of the affected station, as well as local councillors.

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