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Govia Thameslink Railway Proposed Station Reoeganisation

18 April 2016

The TSSA had a further meeting with management to discuss the proposals on the station enhancement reorganisation.


Since the previous meeting the consultations have occurred with the general public in regard to the changing of opening times of ticket offices. It is our view that there was a massive response by the public on this matter and we saw support from Members of Parliament, local councillors, local constituencies of the Labour Party and trades councils.

The two bodies: Transport Focus and London Travel Watch have since identified to GTR that there was a massive objection to their proposal for ticket offices and GTR will no doubt be responding to this. It is important that we keep this issue in the public domain and that we keep enforcing the message concerning the need to keep ticket offices open to the public.

However, during the last discussions, the trade unions became aware of a proposal being put forward by GTR, in some locations, to move the current ticket-issuing machine that is inside the ticket office, out onto the concourse. The TSSA assumes that the new handheld ticket-issuing machines will not be able cope with the range of ticket sales required.

In response to this, the TSSA believe that GTR has been disingenuous in not mentioning this proposal before in the consultations. The TSSA also believe that this has made previous consultations meaningless and that the proposal itself is totally impracticable.

Therefore at present, no progress has been made in the consultation process. There are further meetings to be held, where we expect to see amendments to the proposal and we will also seek clarification on a number of items that, as yet, have not been responded to.

TSSA will of course keep members informed of any further developments.

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