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Govia Thameslink Railway Station Hosts Proposal Update

28 September 2016

Since the announcement of the TSSA strike ballot and a meeting with Govia Thameslink Railway, under the auspices of ACAS, TSSA are pleased to report that TSSA and Govia Thameslink Railway have made significant progress on the proposed trial of the Station Hosts at eight stations over a six month period.


As a result, a Joint Working Party has been formed from Govia Thameslink Railway, RMT and TSSA representatives.

Joint Working Party

The JWP will agree:

· Timelines

· Safety and security of staff; addressing lone working

· A definition of success or failure of trials, thus enabling the trials, where successful, to be trialled at other locations

· Cash handling and regulations for the trial locations

· Principles on the trial of such items as: rostering, HR processes, training and accessibility

· Retail and ticket data assessment

The JWP will monitor the situation throughout the trials and will review the existing proposals and explore possible modifications. This will allow a well-balanced trial that considers both staff welfare and customer benefit. The JWP will ensure that the trials are thorough and exhaustive.

As discussed, the TSSA will participate in the trials of the Station Host concept, ensuring that it is based upon agreed parameters between the trade unions and GTR.

Trial Stations

There are eight stations to be trialled over a six month period and these are: Battersea Park, Balham, Chichester, City Thameslink, Cricklewood, Enfield Chase, Queens Road Peckham and Sandy.

The following will be agreed for the trial:

· Each station will stand alone in its assessment

· Each location will have a risk assessment undertaken jointly by the company and the trade unions

· Staffing at the locations will be open firstly to volunteers from the trial station, on a secondment basis

· Seconded volunteers will be trained in all required skills

· There will be no reduction in current establishment numbers at the trialled locations

The Company Councillors for Southern, Thameslink and Great Northern will be agreeing greater detail with regard to the principles for the trial stations and they will be visiting the specific stations in order to ensure that the trial is run properly and within the agreed principles.

This is a major step forward from the original GTR stance of finality and an implied imposition of the role and TSSA believes that this will show that “one size does not fit all”. With this is mind, the concept may potentially work in some locations but not all.

TSSA will inform you of further developments in relation to the trials and we assure those that wish to volunteer to be seconded into the roles, that we will be monitoring the situation throughout the trial at all locations.

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