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Govia Thameslink Railway Station Reorganisation

27 May 2016

It has been brought to TSSA’s our attention that Govia Thameslink Railway have issued a newsletter on the above proposals.


Which shows that the public in their response to the consultation that occurred objected to the GTR proposal in a massive way. The result has been not to see the station opening times for full range of ticket sales change, which we must see as a victory for the public and the trade unions.

The TSSA must emphasise that we are awaiting a new consultation document for GTR in regard to their proposals and that we will be entering into full consultation with the management on their proposals. The TSSA does not know how radically different the new proposal will be from the document that we have previously discussed, therefore for example what are the staffing numbers in the new proposal.

The TSSA will still be challenging the selling of tickets outside the ticket office environment on the grounds of practicability, safety and accountancy procedures.

Also there is still the outstanding issue of multi skilling roles not being paid anymore salary as is the case with the ticket office grades, although it is proposed that the gate line employees will receive an increase in salary.

The TSSA is willing to fight these proposals as they currently stand, we are hoping to have a deputes resolution meeting but if that meeting does not have a satisfactory outcome we need to know how strongly our members feel about the proposals and to what level our members are prepared to do in regard to our stance on the hosted stations concept. members will receive a on line survey.

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