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Grayling accused of withholding evidence on electrification decision

24 January 2018

TSSA has responded to the news that the Chair of the Transport Select Committee, Lillian Greenwood accused Transport Secretary Chris Grayling of with-holding evidence on scrapped rail plans.

Committee chair Lillian Greenwood, a Labour MP in Nottingham, asked why she had not been provided with proper evidence of why the government decided to replace electrification schemes with upgraded bi-mode trains - which can be powered by either diesel or electricity - despite repeated requests.

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

'The reason Grayling can't provide proper evidence to show why scrapping rail electrification was necessary over the summer is because there isn't any!

'Electrification would have ensured that journey times in the Midlands, Wales and the North of England were quicker and more environmentally friendly.'

'Grayling wasn't even in the country the day rail fares were increased. The railway should be run in the interest of passengers and taxpayers who need proper infrastructure. The case for public ownership is becoming so loud it's deafening. In contrast everything Grayling stands for has failed.'

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