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Grayling Claims Are False: Fare rises are the fault of Tories not rail unions

2 January 2019

Responding to Minister of Transport Incompetence Chris Grayling’s outlandish claim that rail unions are responsible for unfair fare rises, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, said:

“Minister of Transport Chris Grayling is clearly gripped by a severe case of BSE disease as he always Blames Somebody Else for the problems besetting our rail industry.

"The unfair annual rail fare rise was set in statute by John Major’s Tory government. They made it legal for ticket prices to go up each year by the same amount as Retail Price Index rise no matter how much wages went down. This legalised robbery has been opposed by transport unions at every moment since and is absolutely no fault of unions as Grayling falsifies.

"Trains that don’t arrive on time or timetables that are more make believe these days than fact - He’ll tell you that’s the fault of the man in the moon if he has to rather than admit his own failings. He spins to evade the truth - that privatisation has fragmented our railways beyond the point where they can be said to operate either for the good of passengers or for our country’s economic well-being.

"Profits made in ridiculously unfair fare hikes are paid to shareholders - too often of foreign state-owned rail companies who use them to subsidise passenger fares in Germany or Holland or France - instead of being ploughed back into infrastructure investment and fare cuts at home.

“Grayling has said he wants to draw a line under last year’s rail chaos. But my sad prediction is that unless Britain gets a new Transport Secretary soonish in 2019, then this year is likely will be worse than last. Until we have a Transport Secretary who can accept our rail industry is now in such systemic crisis because of privatisation, then britain will continue with a Chris Grayling shaped vacuum where leadership should be. Rail workers will continue to be maligned by their boss, passengers will continue to be #railfailed by him, my poor members will continue taking the pain from irate passengers and confidence in our rail industry will decline still further. Grayling is a man with no viable plan and should get the hell out of Transport, not pontificate on it.”

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