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Grayling Has Reverse Midas Touch

16 May 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has slammed Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, for his "reverse Midas touch" after the Government announced a major u-turn over the probation service.

The supervision of all offenders on probation in England and Wales is returning to the public sector after serious failings with the part-privatisation of the system. It reverses changes made in 2014 by Grayling who was then Justice Secretary.

The moves follows a report by the National Audit Office showing problems with the partly-privatisated system had cost taxpayers nearly £500m. From December next year all offenders will be monitored by the National Probation Service.

Manuel Cortes said: “Failing Grayling has yet again shown he has the Midas touch in reverse. His foolhardy decision to outsource justice has cost the taxpayer a fortune.

“It’s also part of a pattern with Grayling and this economically illiterate Conservative government. While trumpeting their austerity agenda they push privatisation and the net result is always poorer services and blighted lives.

“What this decision shows is that everything Grayling touches – like his gross mismanagement of the railways - ends up not as gold but something smelly on the sole of your shoe.

“Under his watch our railways are being run into the ground by privateers - just like the probation service we need them back in public hands.”

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